Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Maybe you’re searching to find your meaning and purpose, or maybe you struggle to find a sense of contentment. Have you been trying to achieve balance, or maintain fulfilling relationships? Perhaps stress is a battle you can’t seem to win, or you don’t know how to overcome adversity. Are you struggling with low self-esteem and self-confidence?

All of these things are affected by our mental health. Your state of wellbeing can impact how you handle daily life, how you react to stress, how you make decisions, and how you communicate and interact with others.

Being mentally healthy is a common goal we all strive to reach and maintain. Everyone’s journey to achieve their desired state of wellbeing looks different. Align Counseling and Wellness adapts to you, guiding you down your own unique path to become mentally healthy by alleviating the common symptoms of frustration, pain, and anxiety associated with mental health.

Couples Therapy

The energy of new love sustains most couples for a long time, but when life circumstances create change and dynamics in a relationship shift, the new love energy might not be enough to overcome relationship conflicts.

You might find communicating with your partner is becoming more and more difficult. Maybe you and your partner have different priorities, and you find it difficult juggling separate goals. Perhaps conflicts are causing chronic fighting and you’re left feeling isolated and disconnected.

Working with a professional counselor can add perspective to your situation, while strengthening and improving your relationship. Couples therapy helps partners recognize challenges they each face in their relationship and resolve conflicts.


The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Broken bones mend, organs regenerate tissue, and platelets clot to stop bleeding. But did you know the human body can also heal emotional trauma?

Brainspotting is a brain-based processing method that uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself from overwhelming, traumatic, or stressful experiences that generate symptoms like anxiety, depression, and over-reactivity.

Have you ever noticed where your eyes rest when you’re thinking about a sad, painful, or even joyful memory? Science shows that our experiences and memories are stored in corresponding eye positions.

At Align Counseling and Wellness, a Level 1 Brainspotting practitioner will use specialized techniques to find the specific eye positions linked to your unprocessed stressful experiences stored in your brain. Often, Brainspotting allows your body to process associated residues more deeply and rapidly than traditional talk therapy.

Related Services


Do you have a goal you’re determined to accomplish but can’t find the right strategy or structure to reach success? Or maybe you are looking for local resources and programs but can’t find anything that meets your needs. While traditional therapy focuses on clinical outcomes over time a consultation is a brief, feedback focused service.

A consult at Align Counseling and Wellness can provide you with helpful guidance and insight into personal or professional transitions and life changes. A consultant can also be a helpful guide for families or individual clients struggling to understand or interpret any psychological testing or assessments and assist referring you to top resources and program.

Assessments & Evaluations

Align Counseling and Wellness provides specialized assessment and evaluation services. Administering different assessments can measure general wellbeing and assess for certain mental health conditions. These assessments and evaluations can be helpful to gather additional information before designing the best approach to address problems.

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